AI analysis seems to freeze my screen

Ever since the AI analysis was instituted months ago, I’ve had this problem: When a game is finished, my screen either slows to a crawl, or freezes. This doesn’t happen every time, but most of the time. Often I need to close that browser window and open a new one to get back to OGS. It seems to happen when those little red dots appear on the graph showing the game review. It’s as if the iPad is using its resources to run the AI computer.
iPad mini. Software 13.3.1. Using Duck Duck Go browser.
Thanks in advance.

AI analysis is handled server-side. Could be an issue with the Duck Duck Go browser, but I’m not 100% sure on that one. Perhaps someone a bit more knowledgable can chime in

Thanks. I’ll try a few games using Safari to test that theory.

Ok, I’ve tried using the Safari browser, but it’s the same problem. The system hangs and/or freezes once a game ends and the AI info starts coming in.
Any suggestions?