AI analysis working properly?

Recently the AI analysis doesnt work properly for me, when i use it for uploaded sgf files. As far as i can tell the game is being analysed, a graph is created etc.
However i dont get any move recommendations. The blue dot is missing. It sometimes appears if i play a move that deviates from the original game, but not always …

Here is an example. The game was played on KGS but sgf files created by other programmes dont work either.

Strangely there are recommended moves for a few positions now … is it possible, it is just taking a really long time? There is no obvious progress at least.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or can replicate it? Am I missing a setting somewhere?



Yeah it does look like maybe it’s just stuck.

Sometimes the reviews can be backed up a bit.

There was another issue recently with a katago upgrade that affected the autoscore and ai reviews that’s being worked on.

I suppose you could try starting another review in case that one is permanently stuck.


See also


I think this issue is finally behind us and games should be being processed quickly again. Sorry for the problems there!