AI Bug - Life and Death

Why is the white group alive? Note: I know that Black already won, just asking out of curiosity; is this related to the reason why you can’t change the score against AI, because the AI for this isn’t perfect yet?

Easy to read, white stones on a white board…

Anyway, I don’t think white is alive either. The scoring algorithm is not always accurate. Probably the system thought the position was still unsettled.

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this is why you have access to a “mark stones as dead” tool. the score estimator is not perfect and sometimes you need to manually adjust the life and death of certain groups


I didn’t want to do that because a) I didn’t want to annoy / fire up him because he might accuse me of cheating, b) it was unranked, c) too lazy (anyway, he acknowledged that they were dead), and d) I already won! On second thought, I should’ve marked those stones as dead.