AI BUG: variation displayed when AI disabled

Please see screenshot, when I play a trial move, the variation is displayed even when AI is disabled, I think this is obviously incorrect behavior.

I assume that is the same problem you already reported here?

Please try not to duplicate reports. I guess we do not always answer every post (and sorry about that), we do not mean to be rude, nor are ignoring you, but being a free service with only one full-time developer, not everything can be fixed within a day (or nine). It is already amazing how fast anoek works on things and duplicating stuff will not help, but rather only slow things down.

Let me know by PM if I misunderstood and I will reopen the thread. If you have any more of those reports aimed at AI stuff please do also let me know and I will merge them all into one big thread to make it a bit more organized here.

Thanks :slight_smile: