AI delays

Hi all,

As you’ve likely noticed, the AI reviews are very delayed. We have an ongoing network issue, basically they are sort of online but we are suffering from very high packet loss, which is causing quite a bit of havoc.

Reviews are queued up and will all be processed in time, but it’s taking awhile and right now the queue is still growing faster than it’s being processed because of all of the retries that are happening because of the network issues.

I’m hopeful that the network issues will be resolved and we’ll get back to normal within the next few hours, but as it’s a bit of out my control, I can’t promise anything.

However, as it happens, we’re already well on our way to moving the servers to a new data center with significantly better connectivity starting Thursday (2 days from now), so this sort of thing should no longer be an issue starting mid next week when the move is complete.

Sorry for the troubles.


Thank you always for your hard work!



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Hi :slight_smile:
This site is and always has been amazing. A slight delay may be a bit annoying, but it doesn’t matter too much. Life goes on.
It’s cool how you are moving to a new server! It really goes to show how much work you are doing to maintain this site. In these times of COVID-19, many people have come to OGS to play go, and the servers have been a bit rough. In the last 24 hours, there have been 21,000 games, which is… a lot. You don’t need to apologise for the troubles. We understand it is not your fault.
The AI reviews can always be accessed later, and Site Supporters can always press the Review button on the side panel after the fact.
Anyway, thank you (again), and matburt, topazg, and all the mods, for creating and maintaining this site as the best place to play Go online! I think it is, and almost everyone here does too.