AI doesn't suggest highest winning percentage move (?)

On this situation, why AI suggest R12 (+0%) ? while there is Q11 (+18%) which has highest winning percentage. As long as i know, the move that being suggested by AI is the blue one, isn’t it?

Can you provide the link to the game, thanks (the answer may be in what came before).

Move number 79-80

I wonder if you were looking while the analysis was in progress?

What I see does not match your screenshot: I see Q11 is 0 and Q12 is +1.4 (blue) by Leela.

Kata thinks Q11 is -2.3 and R12 is 0 (blue) (you select Kata by clicking on the yellow III in a circle)

i will look again, thanks. But is it because the difference AI level? I mean i just “Kyu Supporter”

My impression is that different levels of support are able to start different quality reviews.

I think everyone can see the same analysis, once it is done.

I guess you will confirm if this is true :smiley:

you’re right, i click the game link again and it has changed :smiley:

so, sorry second question.

When do I know that the analysis is complete? So far, I assumed it happened when there were no more red dots on the winning percentage graph. Its that true?

Yes, that should be basically right. Maybe it needs a bit more time to finalise!

The person who triggered the analysis (and I think the players) get notified when it is finished.

I suspect you would have found that the move before the odd looking one did not have a result yet.

I get it, Notification :smiley:

Big Thanks to you :smile:

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