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when rewieving a game, the a i is continuously suggesting the next good move (blue dot)…
i would prefere to think by myself and then clik when i am ready, to see if discrepency between my move and the a i suggestion

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You can turn off the AI in the side bar.

One caveat: this works for yourself just fine, but others still see the AI analysis unless they also turn it off. This can distract from the review if you are doing it for someone else, especially live.

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You can turn it off:

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Hmm. This seems to be a common enough issue encountered by new users of the site.

I didn’t figure out the feature for some time when new to the site, either (not having played for many years, and before the advent of AI analysis previously), and found the interface rather cluttered and it impossible to review on a ‘clean board’ free of markings/move suggestions as a result.

I imagine beginners might find it cluttering or overwhelming too, and even some non-beginners (sdk level) who have played on OGS for some time and haven’t learnt how to use the analysis have remarked that they find the blue and green circles at the end of each game a bit overwhelming and confusing.

Perhaps a tooltip which shows something like:
'For more information about AI analysis, click here. ( Understanding the AI review · online-go/ Wiki · GitHub)
To turn off the AI analysis in reviews (the coloured squares and circles containing percentage/points won or gained, and AI-suggested sequences) , click here.
(with an arrow pointing to button)

(with Dismiss tip/Don’t show again options)’

to new site users would help, as everyone would be aware the option exists to toggle the markings, and be able to find the relevant explanations of how it works in the documentation.


I think AI review off by default would be better, with a toast explaining it’s available with a button to show it.


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