AI Kata go review

Could you tell me why now AI Katago review just have 20b? I think last year it seem has 40b like AI leela review.

Thank you

Probably because the 20b kata network currently seems stronger than the 40b.

The KataGo 20b network can reliably beat any LeelaZero net.

There is a 40b KataGo net, but the 20b needs less computing power and therefore is of a similar strength at time parity.


Thank you.

Although, the version of KataGo on the server could sometimes be a bit outdated? At least as of a few months ago, I had the impression it was still using the much older/weaker g104 net from the run last year, rather than a more recent net. Is there a way to see the version?

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Current version of Kata is 1.3.3 20×256 s29717. You can see it if you click on the percentage bar below the board. =) I don’t know if there is another place where you can check the version, maybe in the FAQs?


Ah cool thanks! So only slightly outdated, not too bad. :slight_smile:

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Not at this time… my understanding is anoek tries to keep the engine up to date with rolling releases, so the FAQ would need constant editing.

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I see, ty ^^

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Showing up when you click on it is more than sufficient (I just didn’t know you could do that). Definitely no need to keep editing an FAQ over and over every time the version changes. :slight_smile:

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