AI losing games similar fashion

Didn’t really know what I would call the title. So there was a topic about rank integrity so I was curious about something I seen a few times. There are a few AI that fall for the same trick like 9 times out of 10. You just play a simple joseki and they don’t know the answer to it so they lose 100% of the time this way.

I seen a specific player doing this over and over… and over to the poor bot in question. Though I think I saw it used against another bot today.

I was wondering if this was allowed? Let me just make it clear I am not asking so “i can do this”. I don’t like playing bots it was just more of a curious question since there was a topic about rank integrity and I think this would definitely lead to issues with rank integrity.

The only thing I could say is probably that since these kinds of players generally “only play bots” they don’t have any “real” effect on the other players. Thoughts?


There are a few AI that fall for the same trick like 9 times out of 10 (…) I was wondering if this was allowed?

Farming bots that can’t read ladders has always been especially popular, although less so now that some of them have been given bespoke ladder recognition code.

AFAIK it is not allowed, but I’m not a mod (as you know).

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This is also a good time to clear up whether it is OK – in ranked games, ofc – to exploit bot timing.

There are players who make games with, say, a hundred ten-second byo-yomi periods knowing that their targetted bot is coded so as never to waste a single one.

Another support of my opinion that superhuman bots shouldn’t be allowed to play ranked games.

Airbagging (rank self-inflation) can, probably, be achieved fairly easily and quietly if one has enough knowledge of the weaknesses of a specific bot, whether that is ladders, time control, or a specific joseki.

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Please report this user and any games to the mods. Abusing bots to inflate rank is not allowed.

Since anyone can set up a bot, and there are maybe 100+ as a result, there are bound to be some that have bugs that could be exploited.

Even if a player only plays against and exploits bots, they will still have an effect on other players and the rating system overall, since they will deflate the ranks of the bots.


I don’t worry about how others play, for example, whether they use AI aid during the game or analysis tool(I use it myself occassionally :sweat_smile:) etc, cause it does not really affect my rank. The rational is if you are a 1D using analysis or not, I am playing with a 1D strength opponent.

Got it sounds good thanks.


Bot abuse of various kinds is prohibited. In cases of exploits (making use of bot programming weakness such as being unable to read a ladder) , the mod team warns the abuser and annuls the games. There are many other weaknesses and forms of bot abuse, and I am not going to enumerate them because I don’t want to give valuable information to trolls.