AI move both the best and -20 points?!

From this game 2021 Durham Go Tournament - Round 6, Table 19

I know AI is prone to giving some ambiguous results and I’m used to slight differences, but 20 points seems a bit excessive!


Haha, that’s silly.

More playouts fixed it, but yeah, bots be crazy sometims :man_shrugging:


Most likely at the shown position computer processed the position and decided it’s the best move. Then since it was the move that was played in the next position it thought some more and figured out it’s actually bad position. Like this, the move is considered best because that was what originally decided but -20 because improved eval realized it’s bad.

The reason for this is all these not quite alive groups and stones cutting each other.


Last night I dreamt of move 186 again.

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Either your support level is lower than mine, or AI discriminates your rank is lower. :sweat_smile:

Btw, how do you get the neat image of the board? I always just do this dump screenshot.

It’s a new Windows thing, start+shift+S.

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I’ve spent too long playing with the username ctrl+w = speed to be able to trust comments like these~


Silly me, on mac, I can just go to Edit and copy/paste

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