AI needs to be banned in playing matches

The use of AI during ranked matches should be banned.

the reasons are as follows:

  1. Not everyone has access to an GO AI,

  2. i haven’t heard of any sanctioning body of Baduk allowing AI as an aid in matches, as far as i know only books can be used on that is only with DDk players.

  3. it is cheating if anyone could scan thousands of matches in a second everyone would be a pro.

i have come across to many players playing with the aid of AI in ranked matches and, and now there is no competition.

AI is supposed to be an aid pre-match or post match, not in game, now we have people abusing the tool.


It’s already banned, afaik. Of course, it’s difficult to detect, but if you think you’ve played vs a cheater, I think the mod team would be appreciative of a report to bring it to their attention


You are late to bring all the attention it deserves. Please report at any time the use of AI to a moderator.


FWIW it’s in the Terms of Service