[AI review] +22pp move on 1000 visits

On a game of mine the AI suggestion (and played move) is a change of +22.4pp. The AI review was done with 1000 visits and LZ spent 959 visits on this variation.

Is this expected to happen sometimes? The value seems to be quiet high.


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I did a stronger review for you and it changed to say rather than this move being quite good the move after it is very bad. Maybe it was just the weaker engine not quite realising why (and when) the swing happened.


Thank you. So this is only some other strangeness of the 15k net. From time to time the analysis of the net is just wrong, but that are only rare cases. Maybe I have to upgrade my subscription to the 40k net sometime.

It’s quite unusual that the bad move is the move after the wrong estimation. I’d thought that positive changes are mostly for bad estimations of previous moves.