AI review availability

I’m fairly new to the site (and Go in general). I setup donation to the site specifically for AI review. I did this for one game and it was great. My last game finished about a week ago, and no matter how many times I refresh the page, it still says “AI review has been queued for processing.” When can I expect Ai reviews to be available?

Hello Curt and sorry about the trouble. We’ve had a temporary bug about a week ago that prevented some reviews from running correctly.

I will notify our dev to refresh your game and let you know once it’s done. Any newly finished game should not take more than a few minutes to review.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, and welcome to OGS and go in general :slight_smile:

Your last game is now fully reviewed, and as said, all games from now should have no trouble.

I noticed however that the game in question was a handicapped one, just please note, that Leela Zero (the AI) was not trained for handicapped games and may be much less reliable in her judgement.