AI Review font color

Currently font is always black
But, next move is white.
Its hard to do visualization of white stone in mind when font is black.
It would be better if font was white on white moves.
like that


The white percentages in the second figure do not contrast as good as the black percentages in the first figure.
Maybe a small, thin black outline of the percentages would make it better.

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You can make them white by changing the board line colors if you really want to.

But I really can’t imagine the font color mattering at all.

Even when you ask some players, e.g.


, some of these blurry shapes are tagged in my mind as “Black”, others are tagged as “White”, but it can be hard to keep track of which intersection is black or white. My thoughts sound like this: "Black, White, Black, (…) Now this blurry shape consists of 3 black stones, and this other one of 4 white stones.

they’re not necessarily even picturing a coloured stone necessarily.

I would be very similar and this would be how I imagine things, so the font colour could be purple or bright red or anything and it shouldn’t matter. For me it only matters to be able to read the numbers, and maybe if it was distracting in some way like it was flashing or there was some strange optical illusion with the colour and the lines then maybe.

image is better

than image

or than image

and image is better

than image

that would attach memories to the board that doesn’t look like the one on which I would actually play next time

Would you not think that having the numbers matching the colour of the stone you’re trying to remember would equally be

The numbers won’t be there when you play a game, be they black white or purple.

I feel like this is fairly subjective overall. Maybe it does help you, but having the numbers change colour every move doesn’t sound great. If not I’m not sure why white on whites move and white on blacks move is better than black on whites move and black on blacks move?

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AI Sensei change colors every move and it looks great



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It depends on what you mean. I don’t think the contrast is particularly good, with the black font on a deeper red than the one in your example above, black on blue is a bit debatable when the next move played is the blue move and it has the thick black outline.

I’m between saying it’s somewhat distracting or just not noticeable at all.

At least with regards to

I wouldn’t see this as making much difference to me.

If you were to argue that instead the black and white font is useful if you jump into a random point in the game and don’t know who’s move is next, then I can agree the alternating font colours are useful.

It’s not the like whole alternating fonts thing is perfect either, I don’t understand why these colours are opposite

if the next move is black’s move which is a blunder, the move number is black but the blunder is white, while the next of white is good, the move number is white but the text is black?

And that’s not consistent either, good and inaccuracy have black text, while blunder mistake and Ai move have white text for some reason.

I suppose another point of comparison is that AI sensei is showing either just the move number or a letter indicating some preference of move order with the score difference either being shown on hover or elsewhere not on the board.



But anyway it’s all a bit of a sidetrack anyway. If we did have alternating score+marker colours likely we want two options to customize them, probably even independently from the line colour. Since there’s a bunch of customisation options, you’re going to be able to want to tweak both of these to have a good contrast with your custom stone colours or icons or board backgrounds etc.

^^ This doesn’t seem to bad of a suggestion, but we just need somone that wants to do it, and knows how to do it etc.