AI Review updates 2019-06-19

Fantastic, keep it up!

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It’s pretty funky how the graph refines itself!


Could someone tell me what pp means? What does the number means?

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pp means percentage points.

-20pp means that the chance to win change by 20 percentage points.

It is done this way because that is not the same as saying that the chance to win changed by 20 percent. << this statement is at best ambiguous.


So in the review, if it’s now white’s turn, and it says -20pp it mean white’s chance to win is decreased 20 percentage point after this move?

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I don’t understand either
I played a move +7,5 for me
and the next move for my opponent is +36, 5
it means the move before was bad after all ?:thinking:

As you can read in this thread and the previous, there are still some issues getting sorted out.

The conclusion at the moment is that if OGS is saying there was a big + move, then probably actually the move before was a big -.

As described in this thread, a recent change made a big improvement in this, but still some wrinkles apparently.



That is no longer the case I don’t think, I think there must still be a case where lz and ogs don’t agree on the move number, so a +36 move would actually be a -36 move

@Papyru5 can you send me a link to the game where you saw that?



The move i’m talking about is W 53 +7,5pp then B54 +36pp

edit: now it’s works just fine :sunglasses:
Thanks ! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah yep, so that’s an old review which is why it’s displaying incorrect values. I took the liberty of running a new analysis on it and it shows things much better now.


Amazing! Great job!:pray:


Thanks for these updates!

Extremely picky feedback:

  • I think it would look better to scale the font based on the max numeric width (probably “-99.9”) rather than the width of the particular number, or if that makes shorter numbers too small, at least do positive and negative numbers of the same number of digits at the same size (so “-1.2” is not a different size than “1.2”). Perhaps use “9.0” instead of “9”.
  • I’m not sure the varying color border on the next move adds anything and it took me a while to figure it out. Maybe just thicker black?
  • What is the sometimes present gray/white background? (Number of playouts?)

Also, more of a lizzie / AI interpretation question, but in the above linked game from @BouLee can anyone explain to me what on earth the AI is doing with the moves at L6/M6 throughout the midgame? Each of the three analyses there does something different (some weirder than others), but all three want B to play in one of these often and they have quite varying pp values that are both positive and negative (weirdest is on turn 164 in the first analysis, 166 in the second); is this just from low playouts? Or weirdness when the AI is so behind?


Yes L6/M6 at move 59 looks bad for black :neutral_face:

If you click 148 at top game changing moves, it tells black has 93.5%
But, I already made fatal error before it. I checked in normal lz and zen 7, there is no way I ahead even 1 move before.

Also A2 point at move 144 in top game changing moves tells 0(incorrect), white at full review it tells -80

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@anoek may want to look at that. The top game changing move output looks a lot different (and wrong) from the full review at the same move 148.

Oh, great news! I wasn’t sure of the extent of the fix.

I also had picked up on animarls post just above, which refers to what sound like examples still of that “was actually a blunder previous move”.

Hopefully that boils down to the same thing you mentioned you’re on the track of!

I can’t find a way to change/disable the colors on the new AI review look, which I find rather unappealing. Do we anticipate a way to change this in the future? The numbers are informative enough for me to parse the information just fine,

Yeah there have been a few complaints about the new look, I’ll work on it, maybe make it a theme kind of thing.


I agree with Animaral (I think it was) … the “blue move” is a “thing”.