AI won't start for some SGFs (BUG)

Source of this file:

  1. Downloaded from Tygem as GIB
  2. Opened with Multigo, saved as SGF
  3. Uploaded to OGS, it’s uploaded, but AI mode won’t start

feso0072(18K)_dino1019(18K)_201909041315.sgf (1.3 KB)

could you please link to the uploaded sgf in your OGS library?

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There was a brief AI outage not that long ago - it possibly could be as simple as trying again…

But we certainly need a link as Bhydden said to be able to investigate further. I can confirm that the SGF itself loads into Leela OK.

  1. No, it’s not AI outage, other SGF works fine.
  2. Yes, SGF is loaded, but AI mode never shows up.

Well, the whole .sgf code seems horibbly messed up and wrongly encoded, but it is actually the [TM] tag that is causing the review to hang up.

For now you can fix it yourself by editing the tags in any text editor (copy from another working .sgf or just delete it completely), or just use my upload:

Sorry about the trouble!

@anoek might be interested though, as I guess the review should not really even need specific time tags to work…


Yes, after modifying the TM tag, the AI works. This is a simple workaround.

However, I have other SGFs from some go servers which do not load, I will post separately.