Aji’s Quest—The Book

Oy, I can hardly express my joy

Remember this?

Now Colette Bezio’s beautiful comic story “Aji’s Quest” has finally arrived IN PRINT, released by Board N’ Stones (and soon will also be available in German).

Enthusiastic, cheeky, a little impatient, but certainly not hindered by any prior knowledge, Aji allows himself to be sent by Master Tenuki on a quest to the top of mountain Moyo. After all, he wants to become 27th Dan as soon as possible. Along the way, he experiences bizarre adventures…

Note: To the left is an open copy, first inside page.

This is a typical “Hero’s Journey” story, appropriate for children of all ages (which includes myself, at age of 64).

I love it, I love it, I love it SO MUCH!

—> Board N Stones
—> Aji's Quest: An exciting comic about Aji and Go: Bezio, Colette: 9783940563873: Amazon.com: Books

NOTE: In Europe you can also order from Books on Demand in Germany, which means a little more $$/€€ for publisher and author:
https://www.bod.de/buchshop/ajis-quest-colette-bezio-9783940563873 (sorry, forgot to add this earlier)

Please share wide and far, I’d want the author to finally reap something for what she has given to us all, for free, nine years ago.


(Too bad we can’t advertise in chat, current final has 200 people watching :stuck_out_tongue: )

Seriously though, when post office services return to semi-normal, I’m very, very tempted to buy this, it looks beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Say, @anoek, is there something we can do to advertise this book?

Aside of donations (of which I have sent a few over the years) Colette Bezio has not, to my knowledge, ever gotten any money for this lovely story, she simply gave it away online, for her love of Go and the community.
And now that it is in print (DANKE, GUNNAR!), I’d really love to see some $$ raining down on her.


I think I managed to order one. Now to see what fees to pay on arrival!


When @xhu98 released his book, it was advertised on the main site with a banner. Perhaps something similar could be done, and I’m sure the author would appreciate the free advertising (maybe even enough to agree to a payment).

Oh, terribly sorry, I forgot to add “Books on Demand” in Germany as a provider … should be cheaper for S&H (although not for customs):


Sure thing, do you want to wait until the German edition comes out or do it now? Feel free to do an announcement whenever, probably just link folks either to this thread or a new one if you prefer. And we never charge for those, but we tend to limit it to one broadcast per thing or event or whatever.


The boardn stones link guess through to bod so I did order from there. Glad to rain extra €€ on author and publisher. I think I am reaching acceptance about the extra ££ for imports these days…

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Thanks, @anoek, I’ll find out when the German version will be published, seems better to wait then so that we can advertise both with one post.

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Arrived last week!

Looking forward to it. And my son was very taken with the opening scene and especially page 6 so i hope it will provide some household Go inspiration too!


By the way, the German edition is available as of 1st September from the publisher.
Book stores may need some days more, as the whole sale agents have to update their stocks first.


when is there going to be a videogame