All About 'Bots

On bots, how to find them, how to identify good bot opponents, etc.

Haven’t used OGS for a while and would like to make rank. Back on the old site there was a list of bots against which one could play to get a ranking. The bot I remember, Fuego10k, seems to have failed to respond to any challenges since December and I am not sure how to find others!

Thanks for any advice!

@crodgers maintains a group of them here:

Except for GoldenD… not sure why he’s listed there.

In the future we’ll portray them more prominently.


Terrific, thank you very much!

I’m not sure why GoldenD is in there either, I thought I deleted him…

Most of the others seem dead, I’m afraid: anyway the non-GnuGo ones do not respond to challenges.

fyi, GoldenD’s still there. can you delete him?

Yeah, Natsu has an error that I haven’t had time to track down yet and Jiffy was running on my home machine that went kaput. I got a new machine and am working to get Jiffy working again.

Well thanks for all that! :slight_smile: