All AlphaGo Game Records for Android Device

Hi All !

I have created a free Android app where all games played by AlphaGo so far are captured in this consolidated user-friendly app. It is located on Play Store in this link:

Can you please kindly check out this app and let me know if you can think of any suggestions and improvements? I wanted to make this as user friendly and interesting as possible, and I’m preparing this to be ready for the final AlphaGo games that will be played in April 2017 against world strongest Go player Ke Jie in slow game environment, as well as against groups of Go professionals playing in discussion mode.

Thanks for your support !


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It’s a great idea :slight_smile:

I would suggest making it more compatible across devices. I have the latest Lg (G5) and the play store says not compatible with all your devices. Maybe it’s just about the way it’s compiled.

Also, (based on the screenshots in the Play Store), I would suggest replacing the background with something less visually busy. Maybe a light wood texture?

Continue the good work!

Hi fstop,

Thanks for your response ! I was doing some trial-and-error when publishing the app and I do apologize for having it being incompatible to your new device in the first kick.

I have made some changes and have uploaded the update on app store. Can you kindly let me know if it works this time? You can email to contact me directly too - azakkchoi at gmail dot com.

Thanks !

It install, I will test it as soon as I can, thanks!

Neat idea but some complains:

  1. please, reduce the animations… By a lot! Everything’s moving and pulsing somehow.
  2. these 3D buttons look kind of old fashioned compared to the flat material design by now.
  3. I know that some of the games had commented versions. It would be great to have these games in there collection instead of the plain one. Dunno if that’s possible though because of copyrights

Edit: I can’t count apparently