All places where rank is still "?"

Hey, I often see “?” instead of ranks in all kind of places. Let find them all!
When looking at game graph thingy:
When creating a review:
When creating demo board:
In sgf library:

If you create a review of a game from sgf library it’s the same except one thing: in reviews and demos it shows null users.

Can anyone find some more?

It happens to me sometimes but usually “null user” is replaced by username after a second.
I thought it was a problem in connection or data exchange. When all works well it’s unnoticeable.

It can be, but not in case you created review from sgf library game, look at my reviews:

I think these are permanent.

I cannot see any review in your profile page:

But I can see mines. :slight_smile:

I didn’t put those informations in my SGF (made by smartphone).

Probably just a bad connection. You can review one of those sgfs and then in “Reviews and Demos” on your profile page null users will appear.

Found another one - on accept game screen.

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Is this really a bug?

I thought displaying a question mark was the intended behavior when a player’s rating uncertainty is very high.

When it comes to uploaded SGFs, the system can’t be certain of the rank of the players involved. Even if the SGF contains player rank metadata, it’s not necessarily accurate.

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chncloud is a 3d with uncertainty <1.0 !

So I think it’s a bug…

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