Allow sorting active games by different criteria

So far I have four active games at a time. If the interface made it more elegant manageable I would probably have more. (That’s because these games are running over long periods of time).

I would especially like to group the games by what color I am playing. I don’t like jumping between games where I am white and black. It is disorienting. So I’d like the active screen to keep them a little more straight. (Yes I know the name on top is Black)

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The way I check is the last stone played is always highlighted… if it’s my turn then I’m the opposite colour; if it’s my opponent’s turn then I’m the same colour.

Yeah, but the point was more to keep my white games separate from my black games. So when I am moving between games I am consciously sticking with one color rather than going back and forth. I’m guessing that it would be similar for someone playing multiple simultaneous games, I’m sure some may alternate colors, but still, I think most would just prefer to be white for all those games.