Allow to draw over the board when analysis is disabled

I only recently found out I could draw during analysis mode.

I love it. It helps me with counting

When analysis is disabled
Could we be allowed to just draw instead?



Probably could be useful.

In theory you could argue that by drawing on the board you could use two colours and mark in variations as if in analysis mode - although I think that’s convoluted enough that it probably wouldn’t even be worthwhile time wise for a game.

I kind of forgot myself you could draw on the board in an ongoing game (with analysis enabled) - I do find it hard to remember numbers part way through counting.


Wait can’t you screenshot it and edit it?

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Yeah or you could download a program that just lets you draw/add notes to your screen. I think the point is that the functionality is there anyway in analysis so maybe easy to port over?

You said it yourself:

Analysis disabled is a kind of “minimal aids” mode. So probably just play with analysis on if you want help.


I’ve sometimes typed numbers into the Malkovic log to aid in keeping track while counting.

With the aim of analysis disabled being a “minimal aids” mode, I’m not sure if using the Malkovic log (such as how I mentioned above) is really fair either.

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think of it as mimicking real-board experience.
you can take your personal notes during a game (Malkovich), but you can’t try out sequences on the board (analysis/drawing). The possible outcomes on the board, those you need to visualize - it forces you to train your reading ability and not fall into the bad habit of playing out your candidate moves with actual stones.
Adding drawing ability when analysis is disabled would completely defeat that purpose.

You can just create your games with analysis enabled if you want it!


I was considering more improvements like being able to hide a prisoner under the board (when no one else watching) , being able to mix the stones in the bowl ( with loud noise), to modulate the sound when playing a stone…

Some people draw on the board with their own tools anyway, although that game had analysis enabled and was unranked.

My earlier point was that it wouldn’t be hard to just use an external tool to draw over the board - how would your opponent know or someone else know (unless you video it)?

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