Almost my first game. Friend and I are new

We have both played each other once before after only reading the rules and nothing else. Then we each played a game or two with other random people and got pooped on. This was our first game after looking up, watching, and reading more about the game. I’m posting this as a game to look back on and watch and to get some feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. Don’t be afraid to tear it a new one as long as it’s constructive.

You might learn a lot more easily if you played 9x9. Games will end faster and you will be able to review your mistakes before moving on to the next game.


Start out by staking out territory, first in front of corner, then extending to the sides along the third and fourth line, sketching areas out loosely. Keep in mind that if I were to count in from the outside, first line, 1,2,3 to the third line, and went all the way around the board, and you were to take the fourth line all the way around the board, my outside territory would be larger than the entire middle of the board.

Keep having fun! 9x9 really is fun too, I still play it, and it gives beginners experience fast…:slight_smile:


As the others said, 9x9 might be easier to grasp at the start. The strategy in Go is quite complicated and hard to understand at first, so for most people 19x19 tends to be a bit overwhelming. It would take a lot of patience. I myself learned the game by playing 19x19, but it came with a lot of headache. I also got bored and quit several times. However, I was stubborn about playing only 19x19 and if you feel like you wanna do that, go ahead.

In the end, you should approach this game the way you think is the most fun. At your level you will learn from whatever you do, be it reviews, go problems, 9x9/19x19, other studies or just by playing. It is kind of hard to review this game. The reason is that there is so much to explain on every single move. It would take a considerable amount of time and it is not worth it. Beginners will grasp the game rather quickly once they catch a lead anyway.

If you feel stubborn about playing 19x19 I have one good recommendation. Try play out some professional games. You don’t have to study or understand their moves. What is important is that you PLAY it out, not look at the game move by move, but actually putting down the stones from the kifu (game record) move by move. It will help you understand the flow of the game, including much else.

Above all else though; Don’t get discouraged at the start. As I said, it’s very complicated to understand at first. There is a good saying: “Lose your first 50-100 games quickly”. After you accomplished this you will be able to find that lead :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this advice. I might be one of the stubborn types. Haha. I won’t neglects 9x9’s but the playing on the 19x19 made me interested in the game. I love how you can have different battles across the board instead of being in the small 9x9 with only one battle. I’m going to try to reenact a pro game like you say. Would there be any you would recommend?

Hard to come up with a game on the spot. I think old games might be better than modern games. The modern meta play is very abstract so it might be more confusion. Old games are rather straightforward. Maybe you’d like to find a game on Honinbo Shusaku since hes so famous. But preferably which looks simple.