Almost seki?

I have a question about a game where black and white can’t move without losing something.

Here is the link:

In the top right corner white can’t move because it’s suicide, but black also can’t move because the white group would live (L shape).

Automatic score marks white as dead but it doesn’t seems to me that black is able to kill white.
It isn’t seki but it’s similar: nobody can move without losing something.

What do you think about?

Oops! J7 kills white. Sorry.

This is indeed dead.

Tip: You can click on the stones to change their life and death status. Auto score is not always right.
That’s why there’s an agreement phase. Otherwise the game would auto-score and end it without any agreement phase at all, like it does for AI games.

I left variations for your game where I now realised I made mistakes and it was dead. There are some ways to live but they all involve B making mistakes.

Thank you.
At first I didn’t notice white was in atari. Sometimes I focus on few stones and lose the global view. :slight_smile: