ALPHA Announce: OGS Buddy - make flashcards of game positions

I am posting the announcement of this software. I am leaving it in alpha state. I was going to upgrade at OGS and use the OGS AI to study my games, but OGS does not support fast-forward to positions where I lost a lot of points. So I dont feel good paying $4.00/month when I cant get what i desire.

Therefore I need to make a similar tool that allow study with a desktop AI app.


Oh nice! How does it work?

These screenshots show it in action. And the install and usage sections show you how it works.

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I haven’t tried it yet, but from the description it looks truly awesome.

Any hope that you could make that as a plugging for Katrain?

I wasnt aware that KaTrain supported plugins… I will look into this. I do use KaTrain myself.

But if I make it just a generic tool that makes screenshots of a go position with and without the best moves highlighted, then the Lizzie crowd and whatever-other-AI crowd could also use it.

Done - flash-goban/ at main · metaperl/flash-goban · GitHub