AlphaGo as an Icon of AI

AlphaGo seems to have become the dominant icon of AI in the media. Today it was used as an exemplar of AI in a serious defense policy article in the South China Morning Post
( The article concerned China’s plan to equip their nuclear subs with an AI system that will assist the captain in making situational decisions. It devoted two brief paragraphs to AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero and used a graphic from the match with Ke Jie.


No mention of Tencent’s Fine Art AI? :astonished:

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No prizes for second place…


FYI—The current issue (June 2018) of The Atlantic has an outstanding article by Henry Kissinger on how we are unprepared for many of the implications of AI ( The article leads with a discussion of AlphaGo. This is probably the most prominent use of AG as an icon of AI so far.