AlphaGo pregame streams on OGS! (Looking for volunteers to relay)

Hey OGSers,

After a last-minute thought, I’ve decided to host pregame streams on my channel! I will try to relay the games on OGS and provide a space for free and open discussion, so join me and have fun :smile:

As you may have known already, the game schedule looks something like this: (source: Google DeepMind)

This means I’ll try at the best of my ability to stream during:

  • Tuesday, May 23, starting at 3 AM UTC (Monday 7 PM PST), before AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie Game 1
  • Thursday May 25, starting at 3 AM UTC (Wednesday 7 PM PST), before AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie Game 2
  • Friday May 26, starting at 1 AM UTC (Thursday 5 PM PST), before Pair Go
  • Friday May 26, starting at 5 AM UTC (Thursday 9 PM PST), before Pair Go
  • unfortunately no stream for AlphaGo vs. Ke Jie Game 3

I’m currently looking for volunteers who will assist with the game recording! If you are willing to relay the moves on an OGS demo board during the games, please contact me! :blush: See you there!


Did u relay these games? If so, any chance of a link?


Now THIS is how you necro :smiley:



Hey if the “Reply” button still works, might as well use it! :crazy_face:


for mods, the reply button always works :wink:

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This is what (private) [Message] is for.

Necro? I think the question is interesting.
Private message? Why? this can interest more people.

Thanks, benjito.
Hope we get an answer.


Also, sometimes someone else might be able to help answer the question.


It seems that @xhu98 is not so active on the forums lately, so I’ll try to provide some potentially relevant links that I found on his profile.

However, maybe there are other reviews/demo boards created by other users that I’m not aware of.

There were other reviews that seemed to have relevant names, but they appeared empty for some reason.


Foreshadowing, I love it :smiley:

Thanks a ton for those links! I don’t know why but I had an urge to review some old AG games


TBH…Almost forgot that I streamed these games back then :joy: