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I don’t know if it’s a bug ot if i don’t understand how discourse (the forum software) works.

Sujets nouveaux et non lus: new unread topics.

My avatar on the last is proof i was the last one to read and answer!


I think it’s new OR unread.

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Even if the translation may be wrong (in french), there was nothing new or (instead of and) not read in this list. Last is the perfect case that it was not new and that i read it.


Maybe the page is outdated and needs to be refreshed after reading the topics?

After reading the 3rd topic in another tab, the forum main page looks like this for me after clicking recent topics, then unread, without refreshing that tab :


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I’m not able to get “old” topics in that section myself. Could be a bug…

Maybe could help figure out what is the intended behavior and whether there are edge cases. (For example, do edits make a thread nouveaux? Or maybe weird things happen if you have already read every forum post :joy:)

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I notice yours says:

Vous voulez savoir plus? Parcourez les autres sujets de Review Requests ou affichez les derniers sujets.

But mine actually shows a count of unread topics:

So I wonder if it does have something to do with:

You can change what “new” means in the Preferences. What is your setting?

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In my preferences, “new” means “created in the last 2 days”, and under the list of “new and unread” I get messages which are 1.5 months old that I’ve already read.

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Was bit difficult to find but yes, similar setting and behavior here too.

They can’t be “new” then. How about “unread”? Are there posts in those threads since you read them last? They will keep showing up as unread, that’s by design. If you want to stop seeing them you need to do either mute them one by one or do “Dismiss topics” (x t) in the Unread list (which you can get to with g u).

I think i answered that in my first post (proof by my avatar that i was the last to answer)

I think edited posts count as unread even though they might not show bold

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Oh, I looked at the OP with enough coffee, and now I see it is a phone screen, right? Sorry, I’m an old f*t and I do almost everything on a real computer. The phone client may do things differently, and incorrectly from my POV. Maybe you can try with a browser on a computer and see if you have the same problem?


I don’t.

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On my laptop:

I read this topic long ago, but read it again to make sure:

and then

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Thx for the different tabs idea but that’s not the case as i use to stay in the same during forum sessions.
Seems that the incoherence is happening regularly as here again

Even the first mentioned topic is not new and i read already all answers some times ago.

I guess there is maybe a logic i don’t understand.
I simply expect to have here new topics that i haven’t read yet, not something i have read and even gave the last answer.

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How do you even get the second screen, @jlt ?

With my setup (using a regular desktop browser), I can land on one of three pages when I start reading the forum:

  • latest (chronological without respect to readedness)
  • new (as defined in the Preferences)
  • unread

None of these give me anything like your screenshot. I am indeed missing something, but what?

Read any thread. At the bottom of the page, after the last message, you’ll find “New & Unread Topics”.

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Oh, I see. Sorry. I was confused by the French in the OP.

In which case, I must say this is simply not happening to me. Not in this forum, not in the numerous other discourse-based forums I read.