Alternate puzzle sequences

I am playing through puzzles to practice and I have noticed that in some puzzles the opponent chooses from several candidate moves at random. It may be important for learning to explore different sequences. However, I don’t see anything in the interface that would let me know that this is the case or to facilitate reviewing the different ways that it could play out. Take this puzzle solution as an example (set in the top right with opponent as white).

“Are the eyes at a (N15) and b (S19) miai? You may think so, but black has a tricky tesuji by threatening to capture a pivotal stone.”

Black plays tesuji at P16. This can play out four ways

  1. W S19 "Ignoring the situation doesn’t make it go away."
    B O15 “Correct!”
  2. W Q16 "If white answers this way, which is wrong…"
    B N15 “A (O15) and B(S19) are now miai to remove one eye from white’s position.”
  3. W O15 "If white answers this way, it demolishes the eye that would have been formed by White playing at A."
    B S19 “White is dead. It’s not white’s strongest response.”
  4. W N15 "White’s strongest resistance is to set up a ko here and fight it. It’s the only correct move for white."
    B O15 “What a nasty ko!”

For study it is important to see the fourth sequence and commentary to learn why this is the only correct move for white. However, when I am playing through the puzzles and solutions, how am I to know that that there are multiple sequences with commentary? I don’t see any indication in the UI. Nor do I see a way to explore the alternate sequences other than to reload and play through multiple times. Even then I don’t know how to be sure there aren’t unexplored sequences because it seems to be random and can repeat the same sequences multiple times. Am I missing something here?

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