Alternate tsumego solution?

I’m working through Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of Life and Death - Elementary, and I’m on this problem:

Tsumego problem

After 1.C17 2.D15, it seems like both 3.D14 and 3.A17 should live, but the latter is marked as incorrect. Why is this? It looks like it might have one fewer points, but C15 and B15 should be miai for life. Is this an alternate solution, or am I missing something obvious?

  1. D14 is already taken as far as I can see, but that’s probably just an oversight.

Yes, your solution also lives. To be honest there are tons of problems with missing paths or solutions, there is just too many variations not to overlook something. :slight_smile:

Technically in tsumego you should be looking for the “best move”, but I agree that 1 point difference is usually not taken into account. But it is a very good practice to also look for those differences.