Alternative Titles & Lyrics inspired by Go and songs that already work as Go songs

I always love to pretend this song is about Go, as it fits so well. It’s in Spanish though, so I’ll provide translation.

“El Atrapasueños” by Mägo de Oz
(Songwriter: Jesus Maria Hernandez Gil)

Translation (not official)

The Dreamcatcher

[verse 1]
Blessed be the one who sees that Heaven and Horizon
Are doomed to reach a compromise
Wise be the one who thinks that there is no match
Where you don’t need to take risks to win

[verse 2]
Happiness is not about having everything
But knowing how to find the good there is within
Quicker to see the sunrise, the Eagle and the Falcon are
Than a legion of owls in formation

[verse 3]
I’ll show you that all things in life
You may have if you can believe in yourself
And I’ll teach you how to defeat your enemy
Who’s not anyone else, it’s you!, it’s you!

[verse 4]
You must fail and sometimes hit rock bottom
To see the light and appreciate this Life
Happiness is not about having everything
But knowing how to find the good there is within

[verse 5]
I’ll sing you a lullaby
And my voice will tuck you in
On your bed sheets, with my breath
Nightmares will vanish

[verse 6]
(And someday they will be fulfilled)
All your dreams will come true
(And tomorrow the Sun will rise)
Dreamcatcher I am!

[verse 7]
(And someday they will be fulfilled)
I catch dreams, I ensnare pain
(And tomorrow the Sun will rise)
Dreamcatcher I am!

[instrumental interlude]

[repeat verses 6 & 7]

My interpretation

This is the Spirit of Baduk itself speaking to you.

Verse 1: Pretty straightforward. Black and White must fight and balance each other out and agree on the counting at the end.

Verse 2: You can’t have all the board. It’s better to play one stone tesuji than a bunch of empty triangles.

Verse 3: There is a prevailing culture in Go of improving one’s skill rather than crushing the opponent. This is even reflected in the hadicap system. Some even say that, compared to other games, Go is the embodiment of “Man vs Self”.

Verse 4: Lose your first 100 games. Losing is essential to the ethos of learning in Go. You can’t learn to make life if you haven’t had your dragons killed over and over.

Verse 5: :person_shrugging: I dunno. Go is a passion I guess :sweat_smile:

Verse 6: You. Yes, you! You can make it to 1 dan. I believe in you :blush:

Verse 7: I remember a very nice quote from the Pair Go Championship that went something like this: “When you play Pair Go, the joy of winning is multiplied by 2, and the pain of losing is divided in half”. I like this quote very much.

Go, dreamcatcher you are indeed.