Am I missing something when trying to automatch?

Hi everyone! I’m trying to find 9x9 games with people of beginner rank, but there seems to be nothing available when I try to automatch. Am I doing something wrong?

Not gonna lie, getting automatch at any level can be slow. Kind of depends on the time of day but I haven’t really figured it out.

If you want to optimize for starting a game asap, you can try widening your settings (allow 13x13, 19x19, increase the allowed rank difference). You can also try clicking the blitz button if you don’t get a match from the live button.

You can also open a Custom match (which shows up in the list below) or accepting one, some people prefer getting a game from there instead of automatch.

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So it’s not only me :sweat_smile: Thanks!

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I answered that question here.

Better use custom games as automatch.


Thanks @Groin.