Amateur Commentary: Shi Yue 9p vs. Lee Sedol 9p

OGS! Here lies my first attempt at commenting a pro game.

[Shi Yue 9p vs. Lee Sedol 9p, October 14, 2014][1]

This was the quarter-final round of the 2014 Samsung cup, taking place in Daejeon, Korea on October 14. There were eight players from China, seven from Korea, and one from Japan fighting for prize money of ₩300,000,000 (about $280,000 USD).

But I’m focused on the showdown between Shi Yue 9p, who is currently ranked #1 in China, and Lee Sedol 9p, who recently won the historic jubango against Gu Li 9p and left some very exciting game records.

The game I’ve commented features an avalanche variation, multiple weak groups struggling for life, and a massive ko fight. I won’t spoil the result here. Enjoy the game!

20141016_Shi-Yue_Lee-Sedol.sgf (15.0 KB)


Great Game!

Thanks Mark! I really enjoyed this game, and your commentary was very helpful in enhancing my understanding.

Many thanks for the review. Who plays what colour? :stuck_out_tongue:

Black is Shi Yue 9p and white is Lee Sedol 9p.


It took me also some time to realize that @mark5000 introduces the players in the comments to their respective first moves :wink:

Yes. Sorry friends! I downloaded the demo file and uploaded that, but it didn’t copy the metadata and I forgot to add it manually.