Amazing 9x9 GoQuest Game

Hello, @Tárincë_Tarwë,
and LOL, why not enter the game (or upload the SGF) in a demo on OGS so as to make it easier to get a review? You’re asking for a favor after all, better to make it easier for your potential reviewers then.

Or, even better, why not play here?

Besides, what exactly do you mean by “amazing”?

Here’s an sgf:
RyanCruz.sgf (597 Bytes)
I had to assume passes by black at move 31 and 47.


The pass at move 47 is pretty ‘amazing’. Black could have lost the bottom of the board and needed to be certain of claiming the top if that happened.

But I suspect the ‘amazing’ we are seeing here is another person discovering the incredible depth of the game of Go. :smile:

I play all but a few games here, and if I introduce someone to Go, I also introduce them to OGS, but I feel GoQuest belongs to a different category altogether.

From Sussman’s foreword to The Little Schemer:

For the student of Lisp programming, The Little LISPer can perform the same service that Hanon’s finger exercises or Czerny’s piano studies perform for the student of piano.

That’s how I see GoQuest: more a drilling tool than a Go server. Start the app, click on play, choose 9x9 and boom: instant tsumego. Always Chinese rules, 3m+1s/move, and that’s that. Sometimes the opponent plays at a similar level, sometimes we face a purple-username dan magician. And when it’s all over and done, it takes just a few seconds until the next showdown begins.

It used to take me a long time to make the simplest moves. When I first tried GoQuest, I couldn’t fathom how it was possible to play at that pace. Even when I managed not to get destroyed in a few moves, I inevitably lost on time. But without noticing, almost despite myself, I improved—and not just on 9x9: no way I could’ve handled the last fight in the folowing game, under 30sec byo-yomi, not long ago:

Sure, if it’s about playing blitz, playing many games etc., we can do it on OGS, but a tool created for a single purpose does bring ease to handling the task it was specifically designed for, and to fill the gaps throughout the day, for the odd minutes here and there, a break from work, waiting in the line… there’s GoQuest. It has a special place in my heart, right beside GoChild. :]


Well said, my friend. I’d like to hear your love letter to GoChild if you have one :pleading_face: