Amybot-beginner not the easiest?

I’m having a hard time beating amybot-beginner which is currently ranked the easiest bot, while katrain-18k which should be harder and is ranked higher I’ve no trouble beating at all.

Is this because amybot-beginner is not being recently played a lot to optimize her rank properly compared to other bots or is it just me and she has some obvious flaw that I haven’t seen yet?

Anyways I thought it was an interesting thing, since as a beginner I wanted to train up with the easiest bot, but turns out she’s harder than other bots (at least for me) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

P.S I’ve been doing this on 19x19 only


I don’t know anything about the differences between the bots, and what you say may well be true—perhaps the bots aren’t ranked right. But it is also possible that the contrast is telling you something about your game. Perhaps you are strong in an area where katrain is weak and weak where amybot-beginner is strong. I suggest you take a close look at your games with each and try to figure out why you are winning some and losing others. The losing games are particularly important, as they may reveal a mistake that you are making consistently. That’s an old saw, isn’t it? We learn more from our mistakes (losses) than from our achievements (wins). Good luck on the hunt.


Thanks for the swift reply Conrad, now that I think about it they really do play with totally different styles, one is chaotic and the other very systematic and territorial. It’s probably true that I’m more equipped to battle one rather than the other. It was just that recently with Amy, it’s been like she’s too calculative sometimes in her decisions, even when you’d think you’re doing most things right she doesn’t allow for much error, rather not in character for the easiest bot I thought. Well, back to the old drawing board, gonna try and review where she’s kicking my ass the most :face_with_monocle:


If you want, you can ask for a review for a game where you can’t see where it went wrong, then someone can analyse how you could improve


I probably should, I’ve been trying to review on my own, but when you don’t have much knowledge to begin with, kinda hard to pinpoint mistakes :smiley:

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katrain-18k is definitely weaker than 18k, I just set them up based on some equation which was only calibrated for 1d-12k by someone using a couple of dozen gnugo/pachi games – it’s actually amazing how closely the others match ogs ranks.

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