“An error has occurred” when trying to play a bot

Replicated numerous times on computer and phone. Can’t play any bots and it’s getting kind of upsetting. Any help would be great, thanks.

Are you creating a custom challenge by clicking on a bots name like


Or are you challenging bots from the button on the play page like

It just helps to have some information to try narrow down the problem.

Some common problems might be:

  • not challenging a bot to an area ruleset like Chinese rules (the bots don’t play Japanese rules)
  • ranked/unranked - some bots have particular issues with playing one or the other
  • rank difference if ranked - sometimes the bots may not, or the server may not allow a ranked challenge beyond 9 ranks
  • time settings - some bots require certain minimal time settings so they don’t timeout while playing.

A lot of the error messages I think are controlled by the bots, but if it’s some other generic error from the server I’m not sure. These are just some ideas.

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If you’re able to share a screenshot of the browser with the console open (if you know how) while this happens that also might help.

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Not sure if this is helpful, but I’ve been seeing this generic “An error has occurred message” in two places recently that I could have sworn used to have specific errors. They both seem reproducible.

  • Click the Challenge button on a friend’s pop-up (non-bot) to create a custom game. In this case, the problem is that we’re more than 9 ranks apart and I forget to un-check the “ranked” box. I know because after a few false attempts, I remember that, un-check the box, and the challenge goes through.
  • Click the Challenge button on a ladder. In this case, the problem must be that our last challenge ended too recently. (I’d have expected their name to be greyed out? But I do think it was less than a week.)

I’ve been intending to try to replicate both at beta.online-go.com to confirm they’re reproducible, and maybe do some initial investigation myself, but haven’t had time yet. Thought I’d bring it up in case it’s related (in case there’s been a general regression where specific errors in game creation are being lost in transit, so we just get this generic error fallback now).


Ok then it’s more like a bad wording as a bug.
As it seems that both cases are legitimate

  • You can’t challenge someone with more as 9 stones difference in a ranked game.
  • you can’t challenge the same player for a ladder game before a week.

I’d say it’s a bug if we say “an error occured” when we should have said “you can’t challenge someone with that much rank difference”.


What i meant is it’s normal to get refused to play but that the message is not exact, yes.

In my idea, it’s a bug if it was not intended to be like this (like if it was enough to pup the generic message when preventing the game to happen).

I think it’s a bug that you can submit a request for a game that you’re not allowed to play…

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Anoek deployed an update that fixes a problem with “losing the actual error message”, which folk have been reporting recently.

There’s a good chance that this will result in the original problem in this thread turning into a sensible error message :crossed_fingers:

I do think that it’d be better if we just didn’t let you submit requests that were going to be denied, but at least if we have a decent error message that’d be something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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