An Idea for a New Rule for Ko

Hi guys, bear with me here as I try to articulate, my new idea for Ko.

We’re going to pretend that the rules are stone scoring/group tax… so the object of the game is :: to get the most stones on the board

now we add:: you are allowed to immediately take ko’s back

but here is the interesting thing::

if you have less stones on the board than your opponent, taking a ko back is basically forfeiture

disregard that white is at a disadvantage cuz he goes last, so maybe an extra rule where white adds his stones up +1, but

if the object of the game is to get the most stones on the board, and youre allowed to take ko’s back immediately…

anyways, that’s my ramblings, hope it made sense :slight_smile:

So, is this the rule?

Repetition of position results in the game immediately ending, with each player scoring the number of stones on the board (+komi)



i guess it may need to go back and forth three times for an unknown reason??

i’m only 14k

but yes, i guess if you repeat the board position you accept the score as is, meaning the player who is loosing (the player with the fewest stones on the board) would be forced to give away the ko…

That would mean white wins all kos until black has managed to capture [komi] more stones than white. White could just play solidly and that way keep this advantage.


ok, glad you brought this up but i had another post that describes how you can play 2 games to avoid using komi, i still think white would get 0.5 komi cuz he went last but,

if both players have played 20 moves and a ko starts, and no stones taken yet, white or black could force a tie

and if one thought he was in a better board position he could give up the ko and plaly away

(edit: on second thought, there doesn’t neeeed to be a 0.5 komi, games can end in a tie, it wouldn’t be a big deal, chess has stalemates…)

Worse maybe, that you actually win the game (if repetition ends the game), or completely prevent the ko from being started :slight_smile:

Though maybe the idea is no komi? It does seem it will change the game fairly dramatically though as far as ko is concerned, and that in itself is a big part of life and death.

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yeah, so not only is it important to end with the most stones on the board

but it’s also advantageous to keep the most stones on the board through out play also