An interesting glitch it would appear

When someone leaves a variation in game chat is would appear lost once you go into review mode anyway to change this perhaps?

I’ve noticed that some players variations show up in the game chat. Is that what you are talking about?

Such as “Variation: D1”

or, even “Variation: Hi”

It shows up as a link. Not sure why.

= )

When you make a variation in analyse mode, you can put in a variation name below it and click “Share”.

Then it will turn up in the chat as a link and be conserved.

Yes, but once opened in review the shared variations seem to disappear.

Is that the same thing as the Malkovich log?

I played a game with you, Wulfenia. And, you put a “Variation: Hi” in our game chat. I saw it was a link and hovered over it. It threw my board into chaos. I had to refresh the board to get back to playing.

A shared variation will only be added if you use the variation link. It will only appear in your personal and local variation tree, so you need to readd it every time you reload the game/review (via the variation link).


I don’t think so. We have never played a game and “Variation:Hi” is certainly not my style or my kind of user error.

You are right. I just checked. It wasn’t you. My mistake. I’m not sure why I associated you with that player.

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