An Younggil 8p's lectures in English recorded live at the Sydney Go Club

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Really great stuff. He is an excellent teacher.

How to maintain a small lead - Lian Xiao vs Kim Jiseok

The game was very exciting with a heavy fighting from the top left corner, and the game soon became balanced. Middle game was calm and quiet, but there was an unexpected big ko at the end of the game, and it’s exciting to watch as well. You’ll learn how to play when you’re ahead by a small margin, and a nice sacrifice strategy from this game.


Thanks for sharing this xiaodai.

Is that lower formation supposed to be joseki now? An Youngil 8p says the opinion is divided, so maybe it’s even. But I would feel so happy to see this as white. No wonder Kim Jiseok 9p keeps losing with it!

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I also like white.