Analysis board in ongoing game

Hi all
I’m new to go and also to this site. I am intrigued by this game. I’m a chess player normally but want to give this game a go. On the chess site where I play correspondence chess, there is an analysis board, where you can examine the current position by yourself (without AI help of course). That way you can play out variations and decide what can be the optimal move. I cannot find such an analysis board here on the site. Since I’m new to the game, I think it is vital for me to be able to use such an analysis board in order to try to understand how this game works and to progress in my learning. I see that such an analysis is possible in finished games. So my question is, is it possible to create such an analysis board for ongoing games? Of course without computer estimation of the positions.
thanks a lot

In the game window, there is a sidebar on the right which, on mouse-over, will release a pop-out menu.

There will be an option to analyse the game, unless the player who made the game has disabled analysis in settings. Whilst using analysis in an ongoing game is permitted on OGS, please do not be annoyed at your opponent if they choose not to allow it – they don’t want to use it and would like to keep the game fair.

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Super thanks, didn’t see that