Analysis mode on smartphones is now unusable

As the title says, the analysis mode has become completely unusable on a smartphone. Enabling the analysis mode causes the board to shrink to a tiny postage stamp. Disabling advertisements on the game page doesn’t fix the issue.


For the record I’m a site supporter, thus no ads, and also experience this postage stamp problem.

I am noticing the same problem on Android using Chrome.

Sorry all, it is an artifact of an adjustment I made along the way to make sure the submit/pass buttons were always visible. I’ll get it sorted out in the morning.


Is this related to the fact that the goban view on iOS has changed ? It seems that it is much smaller now (possibly due to the coordinates being visible), but as a consequence, the look & feel is less comfortable. The stones look much smaller, though it is just an impression, I was surprised to see that this morning

This should be fixed as of a couple of hours ago, let me know if there are any other problems !