Analysis tools in teaching games

Is it possible to switch into analysis mode and share variations, markings, etc. with your opponent during a teaching game?

When teaching, it can be useful to point things out to your student whilst you are playing. I’d like to be able to mark stones that they should pay attention to, or indicate possible territory. I might want to show some alternative move to the one they have just played, or illustrate a sequence that I could force if they don’t defend against it. I’m pretty sure KGS used to allow that when I played there many years ago. Can it be done on OGS?


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Something like this you mean?

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I think this is already working. If you Allow Analysis in a live game, go to Review and the student gets a link to follow you to the review. They will see your variations, markings and drawings while you make them.
When you’re done, you can go back to the game.

I’ve done this in several teaching games.

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LOL, yes, that is what I mean. When I enable analysis in a live game and then switch to analyze mode in the game, I can do all of that, but my student doesn’t see it. I’m trying to figure out how to share it.

Thanks @gennan, I’ve not noticed Review in analyze mode in a live game, but I’ll try that out.


There are three features that you should be aware of:

  • In Analysis mode, you can make any local changes to the board that you like. Basically an SGF editor. As you point out, the student cannot see it.

  • Share variation takes the current branch/state in Analysis mode and posts it to the chat. Your student and other observers can click on your shared variation and they will see exactly what you had on your screen at the time, including stones, marks and pen lines.

  • A Review is a separate thing that you can attach to a game after it is finished. In Review mode, you can edit the game like in Analysis, but all your changes happen online and are immediately visible to everyone. You can add move comments which are not available in Analysis - it’s like a tweet that sticks to a move, unlike chat which is chronological.


IME, the game doesn’t have to be over. Making and sharing a review during the game also works (when Allow Analysis Tools is on).

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For example, this review of this teaching game was made and shared while playing, going back and forth together between the game and the review (there are no text comments in it, because we used an audio conferencing tool to chat during the session).

Is this live review of your own game an undocumented feature perhaps?

Thanks @Animiral, I was aware of those features, but what I want is to do a “review” mid game, then carry on and do some more review. @gennan says this is possible, so I will try it out.

It would be better just to be able to share analysis in game without having to switch to a separate link, but that solution should be workable.

Yes, this is the use case I have in mind too.

I haven’t found it in the docs, but do recall it being mentioned in a forum thread somewhere. I guess it wasn’t clear to me that you can go back and forth between the game and the review, and the review gets updated with the mainline of the game as it progresses. I guess this was initially implemented to allow live commentary on exhibition games.

It would be nicer if you could just do it in one place, but this sounds good enough.