Analyze Mode Display Glitches - Android Chrome

The game is probably between two young students at a school. Many of the students at this school are not playing seriously, and I was looking at different games to try to understand the situation and decide what to do.

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I don’t think game links are going to help much anymore, it’s just every game, right? For me it is, anyway.

every game for chrome on android, the game link was posted because in this case it happened on a windows 8 laptop

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I cannot watch a review or analyze my games. Pressing the back button screw the whole board up. This started happening a few days ago, it seems interface was changed.


I’ve moved your post to this thread, which I think is the same thing: at the moment it’s thought to be a Chrome bug.

You could assist by providing more information: what device and chrome version.


I’ve had it happen persistently on the Chrome and the Duckduckgo browsers. Going back one move on analyse will show a blank board, no lines with the occasional black square. Returning to the game shows just the blank board. Fortunately the Firefox browser works fine … at the minute

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I mean, sure it might be a bug related to Android browsers, like Chrome. But are you expecting the Chrome devs to solve an issue that a tiny subgroup of users of one website have? Even if it is caused by the browser, it’s triggered by your site and I think the only ones solving it can be ogs devs. Thanks.


A bug is a bug; it is unlikely that we are the only site affected.



It’s a bug here, as it results in unwanted behavior, but it could be a feature for other applications. I have not seen the bug show up in any other place, and I use browsers rather extensively (and it has been weeks now, and Chrome is a very popular browser).

Thanks for your efforts, though! Much appreciated!

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The bug happens (on my device) if any variation in the move tree has more than 60 moves, or if there are move then 60 variations for one move (see the 2nd demo board)
working demo board
working demo board (60 moves vertical an 60 horizontal)
buggy demo board

Could the canvas size be the problem?


An interesting theory. When analysis mode is disabled it seems to not be a problem, indicating that you might be on to something. At 60 moves the canvas isn’t that big, but I could see them making the call to not support anything remotely large on mobile devices.

I’m not really sure why the bug would cause problems in other canvas elements too, and persist past the life time of the problematic canvas if it was an intentional thing done by the chrome team… if it were intentional I would expect them to either just black out the problem canvas or throw and error or something like that.

Regardless, presuming they won’t be fixing their bug anytime soon, I reckon the workaround might be to not rely on the browser to scroll the canvas. I’ll see if I can make that happen tomorrow.


I have been getting this problem and all my games have analysis disabled, I try to avoid games with analysis enabled and always disable it in my game offers.

I’ve noticed that if I start at the end of a game, then go back a move, the board blanks out. If I then go back another move, the board and stones appear as expected again. Then it lets me go forward again to see the move where the board was previously blanked out. This is strange.


Well drat, thanks for the report on that @alemitrani


I’m using Chrome on Mac OS, but got something looking somewhat similar to some of the screenshots above (glitchy board display in analyze mode, no stones visible, but I didn’t see the tiny version of the stones that some people are reporting). Might not be the same thing at all, but just in case it’s related: toggling coordinates off completely fixed things, and they stayed fixed after toggling them back on again.


Hi All,

I pushed up a new version this morning that should work around the chrome bug. It works in all my tests, let me know if anyone still has any problems.


Woo hoo! (Works on my phone now).

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Works for me too, thanks :heart:

thank you for the fix.

not asking for further fixes, but rather just reporting, that after a few days of tests, i noticed that the home page loads noticeably slower, and sometimes chrome just freezes.

Oh that’s not good, I’ll try and figure out what happened to cause that.

For my information, are you using the list view or the mini-boards on the home screen?

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mini board display, with around 20 games

moto G 5s plus
android 8.1.0
chrome 78.0.3904.90

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