Analyze mode improvement suggestions

Hi, I’d like to suggest two improvements to analyze mode that would make using it much more useful and convenient:

  1. Add a tool to mark stones as dead — in the endgame (and even middle game in case of smaller-sized boards), it’s often extremely useful to calculate the game score of different variants, but the score displayed doesn’t count a territory if there are dead stones there. So currently you need to tediously capture all dead stones in analyze mode to see the score and it still won’t be precise.
  2. For the same reason, one very minor but nice addition would be displaying “Total” in the score — currently you only see Territory/Prisoners/Komi when hovering over the user box, so you have to calculate total in mind ALL the time which is extremely inconvenient
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Agreed, we do need this… it’s been on the todo list, though admittedly it’s been buried a few times.

Funny, we used to have that but we received so much feedback to separate it into captures / komi that we relented and ended up with what we have now :slight_smile:

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Funny, we used to have that but we received so much feedback to separate it into captures / komi that we relented and ended up with what we have now :smiley:

Yeah, I meant displaying both :smile: Thanks for the answer, looking forward to these enhancements!

Hmm seems like Score Estimator and Analyze mode “score display” are almost overlapping in function.
It would be best just to make Score Estimator work inside analyze mode.

No, the score estimator is pretty much inadequate in a lot of situations. I posted such a feature request before (score estimation in analyze mode), but changed my mind. E.g. I had games where I was clearly winning by a large margin, yet it would estimate a bigger score for my opponent, or defined endgame (e.g. 1-2 obvious moves before all is set) where it would say that my opponent wins by 10 points, yet I was winning instead. So I’m never relying on score estimation even in the end game.

Dead stone removal in analyze mode on the other hand would allow you to calculate scores with perfect precision.

I don’t understand. Score Estimator also allows one to mark dead stones.
Unless there is a bug in the Score Estimator then it should be very accurate once the dead stones are marked and the endgames are played in analyze mode.

It’s unfortunately not. :frowning: If it’s expected to be accurate by the staff, I can post bug reports next time I see this in a game. But basically, to see this for yourself, open any finished game and click “Estimate score” — even though the game is set, in most cases it will display different results than official ones, sometimes even having slightly different result each time you click, and with small “confidence”.

Example — here’s a recent game I won as white by 0.5 points, even though the estimation displays black wins by 7 points (even after marking dead stones):

I don’t think score estimator is accounting for komi.

It’s not about komi either — it will often show difference much more than 5.5.

I agree that there is some variability in the estimator, but I also think that it is not taking komi into account.