Analyze mode in OGS game

Excuse me for being too curious but I don’t understand what this numbers in analyze mode mean. Next move is black. Thanks in advance for answer.

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The short version is:

The blue circle is the best move for the AI. This may or may not be something you could have found on your own, depending on your level.

The circled move is the move played, and it tells you how many points worse, if any, it was from the one AI considered the best. As in, best move loses 0 points, the one played loses approximately 8 points.

Other numbers with similar value in light green are also good moves for AI and worth exploring as alternatives.

Usually, and depending on the player’s rank, moves that are at least 8-10 points worse than the blue one are worth exploring. As you improve, smaller differences will become more important.

Good rule of thumb, check moves where the graph spikes, meaning the move played had a serious impact on score.


Thank you for fast replay and taking time to answer me.

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if score mode on, it means difference in points compared to best move
blue circle means that AI would choose that move. Sometimes it thinks that max points move is too risky, then it may choose move with slightly less points
if % mode on, then probability of victory is compared instead of points.


… and you can always read the fine documentation :slight_smile:

Understanding the AI Review


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