Analyze Mode Pass button FLAW

I was recently using analyze mode during a game, and accidently clicked the “back to game” button twice, which brought me back to the game, and the second click hit the “Pass” button, as these two button slightly overlap. The person I was playing with was a jerk, and refused to give the undo. I think the “Pass” button / “Back to game” buttons should placed in different spots so this mistake can’t happen. If you agree with this, then like this post and let the mods know.


It happens to me too a few times.

I second this.


A popup that says, “do you want to pass” with a yes and no answer, should suffice.

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Popups suck. There has to be another way. e.g. disable the pass button for a while after “back to game”, or until the mouse has left that general area of the screen.

I know that this is subjective personal opinion, but your suggestions sound INCREDIBLY more annoying than a simple popup.

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Popups suck when they are used in the wrong situation, because they disrupt your flow over the app and demand your attention.

Passing is the sort of thing that happens rarely and justifies this disruption, I think.


Furthermore to GaJ’s excellent arguement, sometimes players accidentally pass and their opponent doesn’t let them undo. Adding a popup would render this nigh impossible.

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Another even easier solution would be to simply move the Pass button over to the right near the other “unusual” button :slight_smile:

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Except you might accidentally resign when you want to pass?


Am I crazy or a popup was actually in place in the past? (not mutually exclusive :sweat_smile:)


I like the idea of a pop up, and passing is not something one does often enough for it to be annoying, and there could even be an option in settings to automatically pass when the button is clicked.


Options suck too

I love options, because options allow everyone to be happy! If you don’t like it, then don’t turn it on, but if you do, then you can have it on. I wish we had more options for several things.


Popups for passes are usually for games where you have to submit a move, if I’m not mistaken.

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A good point well made. All we need is to ensure that when you press the Pass button, you then have to still hit the Submit button. People with the Submit button disabled will be unaffected. People with the Submit button enabled will seamlessly adopt a normal usage pattern.

Suddenly everyone’s a winner. \o/


Usually when it has to ask for a Submit, it also pops up a dialog box for any Pass moves - does it not?

As far as I know this was fixed recently. As in - there is a popup to confirm that you want to pass.