Analyze mode update: thank you thank you thank you!

This update is awesome! The “back to game” button is so nice and far away from the arrow buttons, I’ll never accidentally press it again! Also clever to use the text as a buffer right below the arrow buttons so I don’t accidentally press other buttons. Thanks to whoever implemented this change! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


The change is nice, but I was under the impression the Back to Game button would be a different color from the Pass button. I still have to think twice to avoid inadvertent passing.

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Ah, but you can trust the colors!

Green means the button does not actually affect the real game whatsoever. The green button in analyze mode (from the screenshot) is only a hypotethical pass for the analysis. Not an actual pass in game.


You are welcome :wink:

Correct: if you are about to press a BLUE button, then pause and make sure you are sure.

You can safely press a GREEN button.


Unless you’re (the corresponding type of) colorblind :stuck_out_tongue:

Carumba. I didn’t think of that. But - it is covered, because not only are they differently coloured, they are differently placed :slight_smile:

Ah, I see now, this is Analyze Mode. Thank you, AdamR. I stand corrected: I have never hit Pass in Analyze Mode inadvertently. In fact, I’ve never advertently hit it in Analyze Mode either. :-)) I guess I’ll have to now ponder, for myself: Why hit Pass in Analyze Mode? Hmm. Must be some reason as OP loves the button. :-))))

I hit pass in analyse mode if i want to see the effect of tenuki. Just as easy to play somewhere else on the board but…

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Evaluating the correct score in a .5 game under AGA rules without simulating a passing move can be quite difficult.

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