Analyzing final board position and calculating scores

One thing I am having a hard time to understand is how to analyse the score from a final board position. In this example I found white resigned. It is not clear how territories are calculated, any high level tips?

This is Game 1 in


Are you asking as a beginner who is learning how to count the score, or are you asking how an AI can determine with enough certainty that it’s time to resign?

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First of, according to the screenshot it was B who resigned. W+Resign = W wins BY resignation (of the opponent).

Territory cannot be counted until all borders are clearly defined. Until then we can only estimate who will get what because we cannot be sure what moves will be played exactly. So in this position if you wanted to estimate score you would go something like:

“Well Black will probably get around 7 points in the upper left corner, something aroun 7 in the upper right, so that’s fourteen, the center is pretty big with some captures even, that is almost plus 30 points…” and so on and so foth until you have some idea and then the same for the other player.

If you are just beginning with Go chances are you cannot quickly identify what pieces will not survive, and whether for example the lower left corner will thus be White’s or whether Black will manage to find two eyes for the stones. Perhaps that is why you are having difficulty with the calculations. Not to worry, it is an aquired skill and will get MUCH better in time.

Until then, I would recommend to start with smaller boards. Wrapping your head around 19x19 is hard, on 9x9 you can get the basic ideas more quickly.


Perhaps also start with lower level games. AlphaGo games even have professional players scratching their heads.


I am asking as a beginner to count the scores. I was thinking if I play with someone and end in a position like above. how would i calculate scores. I used above only as an example


Thanks Adam and Vsotvep, very helpful. Yes I will continue with lower level.