And another 16k - 18k game

As always, no clue what I could have done better. After 10 moves, I could see I was losing. The rest was desperately trying to break things open.


I see Smurph already left you some variations, but since it has been ages since I also got to review anything, I thought I would also leave you some comments. I did a full AI review for you, not because I want to encourage you to study it too much, but so you can see how the game developed and believe me when I say:

You were not losing after move 10, the game was actually more or less equal (or maybe even in your favour until move 50)

  • I am not sure why you thought that, if you tell us, we may figure out some mistaken view of local results.
  • That said, you did seem almost a bit too much to be envious of what your opponent has. It is natural to think that the grass over at neigbour’s house is greener, but it is often an illusion. As a result you seem to be too keen on creating weak groups and trying to reduce EVERYTHING. Reducing is good, but do note, that when reducing, you are not really making any points for yourself, only taking some from your opponent. So often it might be more beneficial to first try and claim big open spaces for yourself before going deep into reduction mode.
  • Once you really started being behind on the board, it seemed to me however, that you did not make a single attempt to change that. Just carefully protecting the points you have (which are not enough). That’s a very bad approach in my opinion. Not only are you unlikely to win like that, but you are also unlikely to learn anything. The game rarely stays 50-50 for long. We make mistakes, then our opponent makes mistakes. But if you do not try to come back after an initial mistake, then you have no chance. Fight :smiley: if you lose even more, that’s life, but at least you will die with honor :stuck_out_tongue: and surely some of the times it will work out.

Best of luck in your next game :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I like your observation that I am “too envious of what my opponent has”. That’s why I do these “crazy” moves (C7, N3) and I give up on them inmediately when I see it’s going nowhere. Because that’s the thing (as you point out too): somehow I have to do “weird stuff” if I don’t want to lose. But if the weird stuff fails, well, better to focus on other parts of the board.
Also, you say that a certain point I start to play to “small” or “safe” or something. The thing is that for me, a lot of these moves (e.g. move 64, F8) are still weird moves to get desperately some more space than I have. I don’t see much weirder moves.
About move 50, I can see that with C18 I could save the corner (I missed that during the game) but at this point I figured getting something in the centre was more important.
Why did I think I was losing at move 10? Because black already seemed to have a complete side, and I had just some stones in different places. True, there was a lot of empty space, but wherever I would have put a stone, black would have followed so I was already running behind the facts.