👻 and mods

While banned i should be able to send a mod a message. This isnt the case, and a friend request every time something arises is a pain.

Plz modify this moderators.


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To reply to this, I need to start by making an assumption…

I assume that you are only ‘chat-banned’ not ‘site-banned’ and you would like to be able to message a mod when need be.

When chat-banned can you still use the ‘Call Moderator’ option from within a game?

For what purpose do you need to message a particular mod?

People are usually chat-banned for repeated use of abusive or offensive language. What is the advantage of potentially subjecting our volunteer mods to that?


For what problem exactly do you need to PM only one of us? We want some peace and quiet on our accounts for our own games sometimes too :slight_smile: people who need a moderator can always make use of the report function - be it reporting a player or a game - and that works for every active account the same and any active moderator can see your problem and respond if he/she has the time, and then chose to see your messages even on a chatbanned account.

You can also use the e-mail (though admitadelly it can take a day or two to get a response), or the forums.


Moderators should be blockable. If you think warnings are that important to get from a particular mod, just let people take the risk of getting banned altogether if they happen to get warned by the mod they blocked.

I dont find mods saying “we want peace and quiet” to be reasonable. Why do you volunteer then? Is it to retire in a cabin in the woods away from the internet conflicts? Or to be able to exercise power online when you feel like it? (cough…sousys…cough) You are here to solve problems. Let someone else handle it if you’re reluctant to deal with people’s issues. If you get repeatedly abused by the chatbanned person, you can just block them.


I’m a mod on a different site with 34k members so have some experience of this and you absolutely do not want people to be able to ‘block’ moderators.

Someone who gets banned by a moderator they blocked will promptly attempt to create trouble and moan that they were not told.

Alternately if a mod is harassing someone then that mod needs dealing with and the way to do that is to either raise it with other mods or to leave the site if its underlying rules are creating that much hassle.


Not sure we fully understand each other, so I might be misinterpretting your comments, but if you think that by becomming a moderator I should never be able to play a game here uninterupted, I guess we just disagree and there is not much more to talk about.

Just like you do not call a firefighter directly on his personal phone, we too have a button to alert all currently active moderators, which to me feels a better option for both sides.

And if you have some concrete problem with a particular moderator, I would very much appreciate it if you let us know with details rather than mysterious suggestions (prefferably with screenshots :wink: ). Just PM anoek or any other moderator you trust (hopefully there is at least one), we will gladly have a look.


I want a button that would shadowban all mods for 24 hours, preferably placed on top of the chatroom ^___^


You’re right, I was being unreasonable. Just koba’s thing will do :stuck_out_tongue:

I just think ive been in time out long enough :confused: i made an account so i could speak to friends in game, but even with a new Email i was banned by mark5000 since he knew the IP address was the same -_- impressively on my 1st testgame (with my friend) literally just made the account! so you may need to adjust the ban to exlude friends all together;moreover, you shouldnt watch so closely at all the IP addresses.

None of the regular users on the forums have the facts of your case. ie. There is little to be gained venting here. This thread should be closed.

Instead of asking for system changes, the obvious approach is to resolve your differences with the mod team using the email provided. If the situation is such that you can’t resolve your differences then I for one trust their judgement.


Please, let me rephrase that.
“I was banned, so I created a fake account to be able to avoid the ban. Now I am complaining because a mod noticed that. I’m complaining also because that mod was too efficient. I’d like to have dumb mods that I can cheat whenever I want and don’t block my workarounds”.

I fear you are just one step far from being site banned eventually.


Nothing more to be said here. The grievance channel is appeals@online-go.com.